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About DBD

The vision of the Centre is to promote interdisciplinary international research applying cutting edge digital technologies in connection with business development in an agile and sustainable way.

About DBD

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development conducts research focused on the combination of cutting-edge digital technologies and business development. Through national and international projects and collaborations with companies, universities and municipalities, we examine and develop the process of how private and public companies plan and design, conduct, implement and evaluate the output of digital transformation and sustainable, digital business development.

The vision of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development is:
To promote interdisciplinary international research on applying cutting-edge digital technologies

in connection with business development in an agile and sustainable way.

On DBD’s e-learning platform we disseminate our research, knowledge, training and tools to inspire and assist companies, lecturers and students with their digital knowledge, digital training and digital business development. The data and knowledge derived from our research projects and collaborations are applied in our teaching on bachelor and master level courses and showcased in our lab facilities.

At DBD we take pride in four fundamental pillars on which we strive to deliver remarkable quality:

The four pillars of DBD

For further information about the Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development and the four pillars, please visit our AU website.

The DBD Team

DBD hosts a team of dedicated and ambitious employees who are brought together by a collective desire to promote interdisciplinary international research in the areas of cutting-edge digital technologies and business development. Our team consists of associate professors, post docs, senior and junior researchers and PhD fellows with a wide variety of academic backgrounds, experiences and nationalities.

To learn more about the DBD Team and to find contact information on each of the members, please visit our DBD Team website.

The DBD team

About our research

Main research topics of the Centre addresses business model innovation and sustainability through cutting-edge digital technologies – emphasizing both the strategic, managerial, organisational and the technology aspects of digital and sustainable business development. To progress our research, we aim to collaborate cross sector and locally, nationally and internationally.

The methods of our research include case study research, participatory research, document study, observational studies, evidence-based business development and business experimentation through implementation and evaluation.
Our research is 80 pct. funded by Horizon2020 and national projects and rely on the primary KPI’s: high score teaching evaluations, well-managed projects with strong deliverables and dissemination, timely completion of high-quality PhD theses and article publication in highly recognized international journals and conferences.

Below, a selection of research conducted by the Centre on digital business development is presented:

See the full list of publications here.

You may also find it interesting to have a look into our Research section, in which you will find selected, peer reviewed and high impact academic research publications on digital business development, digital transformation, IoT and data driven business models.


Key activities of the Centre

Teaching is a core activity of the Centre, where research-based teaching in the area of business development, business model innovation and technology-based business development are the core topics of teaching. The main courses supported by the Centre are the cand.merc. and cand.polyt. courses (ITKO, GMM, TBBD, TBMI) offered at BTECH.

Research is a vital activity of any research centre and at DBD we combine our research with our teaching and our project collaborations. That way, the students benefit from new knowledge and cases from companies around the globe and data is collected through the projects for scientific research and scientific publications and public dissemination of the key findings, learnings and best practice.


DBD Team

The research activities of the Centre generate a variety of valuable outcomes for academia and industry, of which some are presented right here on DBD’s e-learning platform. You may find it interesting to have a look into some of these outputs, which can be found in the following sections:

In the Public Articles section, you will find recent public dissemination and media articles on Digital and Sustainable Business Development and digital transformation featuring members from the Centre.

In the Projects section, you will find ongoing, previous and finalised projects conducted by and with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development.

In the Cases section, you will get access to inspiration and empirical knowledge through company cases on how various companies from different industries have successfully performed digital business development

In the Models section, you will find selected models and tools on how to identify, map, perform, implement and evaluate both digital and non-digital business development and business models.


Visit our lab facilities for active learning on digital business development

The best way to learn about digital business model innovation is to see it in action. Our DigiLab and Prototyping Lab bring technology and business development into a physical space, to facilitate learning about new digital business models and state of the art technologies, by showing real cases from industry, public organisations and research.

Students and partners from academia as well as industry are invited to showcase and demonstrate their digital innovations in our lab facilities.

To learn more about the labs and the opportunity to book a visit, please click here, or go directly to PROTO Lab or DIGI Lab by clicking on one of the shortcuts below.