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Vision & Research

In this section you are introduced to the Centre and its engagement in projects to promote interdisciplinary research on applying cutting-edge digital technologies in connection with business development.

Vision & About

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development conducts research focused on the combination of cutting-edge digital technologies and business development.

We do so by engaging in national and international projects in order to examine and develop our knowledge and understanding of how private and public companies plan and design, conduct, implement and evaluate digital transformation and sustainable, digital business development.

Thus, our vision is reflected in all of the centre’s project engagements and collaborations with companies, universities, municipalities and society in helping to shape a more sustainable, digital future.

The vision of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development:
To promote interdisciplinary international research on applying cutting-edge digital technologies
in connection with business development in an agile and sustainable way.

This platform is dedicated to disseminating our research and sharing the outcome of our projects in terms of knowledge, training and tools to inspire and assist our collaborators and society with sustainable, digital business development.

The data and knowledge derived from the centre’s research and projects are  made available to companies, lecturers and students through:

  • Training workshops for public and private companies on digital business development. These are based on a toolbox that provides support to identify, implement and evaluate business models and through inspirational case studies on how various companies from different industries have successfully performed digital business development
  • Teaching on bachelor and master level courses, where business development, business model innovation and technology-based business development are core topics. By leveraging our research and project collaborations in teaching, the students benefit from the latest knowledge and relevant case studies.
  • Laboratory facilities that showcase and demonstrate digital business models in action. Our PROTO* Lab and DIGI Lab bring technology and business development into a physical space, to facilitate learning about new digital business models and state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Dissemination in terms of scientific publications, newspaper articles, conference talks, presentations, podcasts and film productions etc. that allow us to share key findings, learnings and best practices within digital business development.

For further information about the Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development, please visit our official Aarhus University website.

The Research Team

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development hosts a team of dedicated and ambitious employees, who are brought together by a collective desire to promote interdisciplinary research in the areas of cutting-edge digital technologies and business development. Our team consists of business social science and engineering researchers with a wide variety of academic backgrounds, experiences and nationalities that provides the foundation for our interdisciplinary research.

Below, the research team of the Centre is presented:

Annabeth AagaardMirko presser

To find contact information on the research team, please visit our official Aarhus University website.


The main research topics of the centre address business model development through cutting-edge digital technologies, emphasising the strategic, managerial, organisational and technological aspects.

We use our projects to progress our research, as it allows us to collaborate across sectors as well as locally, nationally and internationally, and to explore business models in different contexts and under various conditions such as digital transformations, sustainability transitions, ecosystem constellations, and technology interventions. Therefore, our research is 80 pct. funded through projects.

The methods of our research include case study research, participatory research, document study, observational studies, evidence-based business development and business experimentation. Through our research, we aim to publish peer-reviewed and high-impact academic research in the most prominent scientific journals within our research area.

Below, the latest research publications of the Centre is presented:

See the full list of research publications here.


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