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BTECH celebrates successful inauguration of nine new labs

An official event at Aarhus University introduced the new laboratory facilities that are built to strengthen business research and cultivate the innovation skills of local businesses, municipalities and students. Among...
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On Wednesday 23.02.2022, nine completely new laboratories were inaugurated at an official Grand Lab Opening event at Aarhus University, Department of Business Development and Technology (BTECH) in Herning. Among the nine labs are DIGI Lab and PROTO*Lab, which are built and managed by DBD to facilitate active learning and research for digital business development and digital transformation.    

People from municipalities, industry and education from all over Central and Western Jutland gathered for the opening of the nine laboratories, which the university has built through the past two years. The new facilities are finally ready to provide a space for students to concretise theory, develop prototypes and collaborate with business, supporting education that creates opportunities in the labour market of the future. The laboratories will further be used in research collaborations with companies and municipalities, serving as a hub for fostering local, regional and national innovation and development communities.  

Rector Brian Bech Nielsen

The event offered an exciting program that celebrated education, entrepreneurship, business development and local collaboration. The guests had the opportunity to listen to inspiring speeches from top-class experts and, in the informal part, take part in a guided tour through the labs and networking space.

Grand lab opening program

The Grand Lab Opening event was opened by:

  • Anders Fredriksen, Head of the BTECH department at Aarhus University, opened the event with a warm welcome and shared the story of how the laboratories were transformed from an idea to actual facilities.
  • Brian Bech Nielsen, Rector at Aarhus University, enlightened the audience in his inaugural speech about the purpose of the laboratory initiative, which is to create a hub for business research that can become a physical centre for the development of innovation, business collaborations and student projects in Central and Western Jutland, and which can subsequently bring value to all of Denmark.
  • Dorte West, Mayor of Herning, took the podium to praise the initiatives of the university, which according to the mayor can only sharpen the profile of the Herning area as a place with quality education and plenty of opportunities for business cooperation.
  • Kenn Breum Rytter, Director and Head of Prototyping at Lego Group, and also a former student at Aarhus University in Herning followed with the statement: “INNOVATION SHALL BE BUILT ON KNOWLEDGE”. He praised the laboratory initiative while emphasising that the development of innovative ideas never stops. Neither do the new laboratories.

A guided tour led the many visitors through the nine labs: Concept Development Lab, DIGI Lab, Drone Lab, Experimental and Analytical Lab, Multi-Business Innovation Technology Lab (MBIT Lab), Production Lab, PROTO* Lab,  Sixth Generation Communications Sensors and Machine Intelligence Lab (SENSEMI Lab)
– Extended Reality and Robotics Lab (xR2 Lab). To learn more about each of the labs, please click here.

After the tour, there were presentations by Rehmi Kristensen from Zen Media and Jacob Krogsgaard from Everfuel, who are both former entrepreneurs from Business Factory, which is a facility and community for young start-ups hosted by BTECH. Both speakers emphasised the importance of linking theory to practice and having physical facilities that allow innovators to test their ideas. The event was brought to a close with dinner and socialised chats.


DIGI Lab and PROTO*Lab

For general information on the lab facilities offered by The Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development, please visit the Lab’s introduction website.

Grand lab opening in the PROTOLab

PROTO*Lab is a digital technology makers community at AU BTECH. The focus of PROTO* is “Making Digitalisation” using protocols, data processes and off-the-shelf products to amplify societal potential, while critically inquiring into its capabilities, concerns and controversies.

As a research lab, it is a pedagogical place, sensitive to reflective technologists seeking to discern tacit knowledge from technology making. As a platform, it gathers international and local networks of technologists, designers, entrepreneurs, artists and security activists for shaping new businesses and value transactions.

If you are interested in further information about PROTO* please visit the PROTO* website, or to gain access to the PROTO Lab and explore the opportunities for collaborative projects, contact Postdoc Karthikeya Acharya or Associate Professor Mirko Presser.

Grand lab opening in the DIGILab

DIGI Lab is a micro-factory testbed and playground at AU BTECH. The focus of DIGI Lab is ‘Testing Digitalisation’ using state-of-the-art technology such as Autonomous Electric Vehicles, Edge and cloud computing, Robotics, AI / ML / DL, 3D hybrid manufacturing materials and much more to amplify digital, lean and green factories of the future.

As a testbed, the lab brings the tools and scenarios of industrial digitalisation into one open space, offering students an opportunity to test theoretical concepts in practice and in a safe environment. This helps the students gain practical experience and promotes active learning and problem-solving capabilities.

To follow DIGI Lab’s development or explore the opportunities for collaborative projects, please visit the DIGI website or feel free to contact Michail Beliatis, Associate Professor at AU BTECH.