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DMAT – to be used by Danish business councils

Digital Maturity Assessment Tool (DMAT) has been launched specifically towards all the major Danish business council and now contains a new complementary guide in Danish and English to support and...
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The Digital Maturity Assessment Tool (DMAT) is a valuable tool developed for the industry that allows organisations to map their digital maturity and key digital development areas.


The DMAT helps the industry with digital transformation

The DMAT allows both private companies and public organisations across different industries, company sizes and geographies to assess existing digital maturity against different dimensions, thus identifying the digital strengths and weaknesses of an organisation. This mapping serves as a foundation for identifying and implementing an action plan for digital development activities.

The DMAT is developed and copyrighted by Annabeth Aagaard, PhD, Associate Professor and Centre Director at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development at Aarhus University. The tool was developed with the aim of helping organisations with their digital transformation and thus strives to contribute to increasing the strength, growth and competitiveness of the industry.


The Digital Maturity Assessment Tool was first launched in 2019 and has already proven to be functional and valuable through its application in several projects and research activities spanning across a variety of industries, company sizes and geographies.

In leveraging the full potential of DMAT, DBD has introduced the tool to Danish business councils. To ensure effective application of the DMAT an informative description in both Danish and English has been developed and included, making the assessment of digital maturity available to all Danish companies. Have a look at the DMAT informational material here.

The information material includes, among other, video guides, clarification of benchmark validation and a transformational action plan. All of this is being launched to business counsels across the country and will be followed by online webinars to properly introduce the DMAT as well as to encourage dissemination of the tool. Several of the Danish business counsels and their members have already shown great interest in and satisfaction with the initiative.


About the DMAT and digital maturity

The Digital Maturity Assessment Tool is an online tool that, based on a questionnaire, assesses digital maturity across six dimensions: strategy, culture, organisation, processes, technology as well as customers and partners.

In short, the DMAT:

  • Is non-commercial and free to use.
  • Is research-based and developed by Aarhus University.
  • Is suitable for all types and sizes of organisations across industries.
  • Provides a clear visualisation of your organisation’s digital maturity.
  • Provides you with inspiration presented in a mini report.
  • Provides insights for the digital transformation journey.
  • Provides your results benchmarked against sector average.

Digital maturity indicates the digital abilities of an organisation that are needed to harness the vast business potential of digital technologies in business development. In leveraging competitive advantage through business model innovations, companies should embrace the potential of digitalisation in business by incorporating the necessary digital technologies, developing the digital skills of employees and reshaping processes and the organisation as part of their digital transformation. The DMAT helps the industry do exactly that.

To map your company’s digital maturity, click here.