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Podcast: How to turn sustainability into a profitable business case

A new podcast is published that addresses the need to get the Danish business community involved in the green transition. Organizations must see a business case in their sustainability strategy.
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“We need to talk business into sustainability – otherwise I do not think it will succeed.” So says Associate Professor and author Annabeth Aagaard in this podcast.

Sustainability has become an inevitable theme that needs to be addressed. In many Danish companies and organisations, however, the transition is more easily said than done, and many still find it difficult to abide to the green intentions. This is stressed by a new report from the Alexandra Institute, which reveals that 89 percent of Danish companies have not yet started to reduce their climate footprint, even though they desire to do so.


Turning sustainability into a profitable business case

(NB the podcast is in Danish)

The 25 minute podcast addresses the need for getting the business community involved in the green transition and offers advice on how sustainability can be implemented successfully with profitability in mind.

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The podcast is produced by F5 Podcast – Focus. For further insight on turning sustainability into a profitable business case, you may read the article by F5 journalist Nils Würtzenfeld that summarizes the interview.


About Annabeth Aagaard

Annabeth Aagaard is the co-founder and director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development, and an Associate Professor at Aarhus University, Department of Business Development and Technology.

She has a total of 25 years of experience working with business development and innovation as a manager, as a strategic advisor for Top100 Danish companies and as researcher and Associate professor with a PhD in Pharmaceutical front-end innovation. She has authored and co-authored fifteen textbooks and 200+ public and scientific papers in journals like Journal of Product Innovation Management and Journal of Cleaner Production etc.

Her research is focused on digital and sustainable business development, ecosystems and innovation management. She is heavily involved in research projects in the areas of sustainable and digital transformation sponsored by H2020 and industrial foundations and acts as a public speaker and strategic advisor to industry on digital and sustainability topics.