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PROTO Lab celebrates successful inauguration with the 1st PROTORSDAG 

PROTORSDAG, the first of many future events for local stakeholders of the makers community, was successfully hosted at the brand-new PROTO Lab facility.
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For the very first time since the completion of the brand-new facility, the PROTO* Lab hosted a successful event for local stakeholders of the makers community.  The event, which took place Thursday the 19th of Augustwas an initial step for PROTO* to foster collaboration and synergies with other maker networks to empower regional community development. 

The event offered an exciting program that was opened by Anders Frederiksen, Head of Department of Business Development and Technologywith a welcoming and presentation of the lab vision in the auspices of Aarhus UniversityMirko Presser, Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development, would follow to provide an overview of the PROTO Lab including the physical facility as well as the hybrid community, and Karthikeya Acharya, Design Director of the Lab and Postdoctoral researcher closed the introduction with a vote of thanks.  

Kenn Rytter, Director-Head of Prototyping at LEGO, was the keynote speaker of the event, sharing many valuable insights under the overall theme ‘The art of Prototyping’ with focus on process, methods, mindset and tools. He further facilitated a hybrid maker activity, where all participants would enthusiastically prototype and build “The greatest toy of all times”! 

The event was brought to a close with socialised chats over coffee and cake followed by a walk-about in the local area of Birk Centerpark that known for its inspiring collection of architectural design and contemporary art.   

Prototyping activity

The event, which is called PROTORDSAG, is a hybrid get-together that gathers various stakeholders from the local municipalities, faculty members, researchers, educational representatives and studentsMore than 25 people attended PROTORSDAG physically, while a minor crowd attended virtually by following an online live stream of the event. 

The event was the first of many future gatherings on ‘Maker Community Infrastructures’, which are all aiming for stakeholders and synergies to be discovered and explored across the 7 municipalities of Midtvest Denmark. Each gathering is a unique chance to meet, synchronize and collaborate with fellow Makers, and to grow the community.  

For updates on future events hosted by PROTO* and the quarterly design walks that are open to the public, please visit the PROTO* website. 



About PROTO Lab   

PROTO* is a digital technology makers community place at Aarhus University, Department of Business Development and Technology in Herning. The focus of PROTO* is ‘Making Digitalization’ using protocols, data processes and off the shelf products to amplify societal potential, while critically inquiring into its capabilities, concerns and controversies.  

As a research lab it is a pedagogical place, sensitive to reflective technologists seeking to discern tacit knowledge from technology making. As a platform it aims to gather and collaborate with local and international networks of maker spaces and communities. With this PROTO* wants to collaboratively facilitate, build and support novel business models, innovative services and networks for transitioning society into sustainable enterprises and communities.  

PROTO* is a research initiative from the department, aiming to collaborate with other Maker Networks by asking how maker spaces can become empowering spaces and infrastructure for regional community development.   

PROTO* is one of two lab facilities offered by The Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development. The second, DIGI Lab, is micro factory testbed and playground that supports the development of real businesses based on disruptive digital technologies. To learn more about PROTO Lab, click here or to learn more about DIGI Lab, click here 

Below you may find a selection of pictures that recaps the PROTORSDAG event: 

Image credit: DBD Support Team 

To keep posted on future events held by PROTO* and to take part in the makers community, please contact Karthikeya Acharya, Design Director of the lab.  

If you are interested in further information about PROTO*, want to gain access to the facility or explore the opportunities for collaborative projects, please visit the PROTO* website. For more general information on the lab facilities offered by The Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development, please visit the Labs introduction website.