Maker Festival

Maker Festival

We invite local businesses to join our festival! Explore digital maker technologies, support the regional maker infrastructure network of Midtvest Jutland, and have a good time. The festival is hosted in Herning by AU BTECH.

Begins September 2023

Welcome to Maker Fest 2023!

We are delighted to announce the come back of Maker Fest, a noteworthy event that celebrates creativity, innovation, and the maker community.  

Maker Fest represents a fervent belief in the inherent power of networking. It serves as a platform that brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds of business and academy, unified by their shared passion for craftsmanship, invention, and the exploration of boundless possibilities of innovation. Maker Fest is a place for sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and sparking innovation. It's an opportunity to explore emerging technologies, delve into different disciplines, and discover the endless possibilities of technology.

This exciting event, as last year, takes place at Aarhus University in Herning, and promises to be an unforgettable experience for makers, enthusiasts, and curious minds alike.

Date: September 2023 
Location: Birk Centerpark 15, Herning.  

The latest announcements and registration details are yet to come, however, you are more than welcome to visit the Midtvest Maker Festival 2022 snapshots to discover what last year’s event brought to the maker community.  

Admission to Maker Fest 2023 is free, and everyone is welcome to attend, regardless of age or expertise.