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The DBD Team

In this section you will meet the team of dedicated employees from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development.

The DBD Team

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development (DBD) hosts a team of dedicated and ambitious employees. At the Centre, we embrace a diverse employee structure, and our team resembles a wide variety of academic backgrounds, experiences and nationalities. This diversity offers a beneficial selection of different talents, skills and competences, which is vital for sustaining the numerous activities of the Centre.

As DBD employees we are brought together by a collective desire to work collaboratively to promote interdisciplinary international research on applying cutting-edge digital technologies in connection with business development in an agile and sustainable way.

Meet the DBD Team below.


Centre Directors

Annabeth Aagaard

Centre Director & Associate Professor
PhD in Front End Innovation.

Research focus: Business Model Innovation, Digital Transformation, Sustainable Innovation and Business, Sustainable/Circular and IoT/Data-driven business models, Strategic Development and Innovation Management.
Click here to access her work.


Mirko Presser

Deputy Centre Director & Associate Professor
PhD in Electronic & Electrical Engineering.

Research focus: Digital Business Model Innovation, Internet of Things technology, Smart Cities, Industry 4.0 and The Next Generation Internet.
Click here to access his work.





Academic staff

Michail Beliatis

Associate professor
PhD in Nanotechnology.

Research focus: Next
Generation Internet (NGI),
Internet of Things (IoT),
Industry 4.0.

Kartikeya S. Acharya

Assistant Professor
Doctorate in Design.

Research focus: Energy
research through design

Madalina Pop

PhD in Management.

Research focus: Inter-organizational
strategizing, from a
Strategy-as-Practice perspective.


Anita Krogsøe Skou

Digital Business Developer

MSc in Engineering,
Technology Based
Business Development.

Kamila Kunrath

Project Manager

PhD in Engineering,
Technology & Innovation

Emilie Mathilde Jakobsen

Centre Administrator

MSc in Economics &
Business Administration,
Int. Business Development.


Lasse Steenbock Vestergaard

Research Assistant

MSc in Engineering,
Information Science.

Parwinder Singh

Research Assistant

MSc in Electronics
Communication Systems.

Ivan Panov

Research Assistant

MSc in Business Administration,
Strategy and MSc in Aerospace
Science & Technology.




Fabien RezacFabien Rezac

PhD Fellow

MSc in Business Administration,
Marketing & Business

Oliver Fuglsang Grooss

PhD Fellow

MSc in Engineering,
Technology Based
Business Development.

Tom Collins

External Advisor

Solutions Lead,



In addition to the employees presented above, the DBD Team hosts several student workers. If you want to know more about the people at the Centre, you can find further information about the professional background, projects and activities carried out by each member, by clicking here.

Offices of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development is located on the second floor of Innovatorium at Birk Centerpark 40 in Herning, Denmark.