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Digital Business Models in Action

In this section you will find information about the PROTO Lab and DIGI Lab offered by DBD to facilitate active learning and research on digital business development and digital transformation

Introducing the labs

The best way to learn about digital business model innovation is to see it in action. The Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development (DBD) has established two facilities for active learning and research for digital business development and digital transformation: PROTO Lab and DIGI Lab. These labs make it possible to learn about new digital business models and state-of-the-art technologies and to demonstrate real cases from industry, public organizations and research.

Purpose of the labs

The two labs are built with a vision on shaping the new generation of digital pioneers. The purpose of the labs is twofold. Firstly, to provide comprehensive prototyping and testing capability for all students and research projects, and secondly to provide an arena for scholars to carry out research on prototyping and validation processes.

The labs offer an open space as well as physical facilities for prototyping, developing and learning in the contexts of technology and business development. We believe that the great innovators of tomorrow should be inspired, equipped and supported every day by passionate teachers and supportive school systems. We believe that the best way to obtain and evolve knowledge is through hands-on exploration in our facilities.

Who can use the labs?

The Labs are an open space to anyone who wants to bring ideas to life while gaining experience and training in the use of high-tech tools and business development. Students, researchers and partners from academia, as well as industry, are invited to visit our facilities, where any type of digitalisation project is welcome – academic, corporate or even free time projects.

The PROTO Lab and the DIGI Lab are interconnected and complementary facilities that are located at the Department of Business Development and Technology (BTECH), Aarhus University in Herning.

Working in collaboration, DBD and BTECH offer the equipment and resources that enable the Labs to foster the development of digital skills. The labs are actively used by students in many of the courses facilitated by BTECH.

Visit PROTO Lab or DIGI Lab

Do you want to move from illustration to mock-up to first prototype? Do you want to build and test applicable business models?  Do you want to take the first steps towards a life on the breaking point of innovation? Or do you just want to learn about innovation, digitalisation and new technologies?

Join the community of digital pioneers right now! Read about the activities supported by PROTO Lab and DIGI Lab to locate the facility that best supports your interests. Click on one of the shortcuts below to learn more.