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DMAT access guide

Thank you for showing interest in the DMAT! Below you will find instructions to obtain access credentials to the DMAT.

DMAT access credentials

Access to the DMAT is restricted to individual organisational agreements or project credentials. This means that you as a project participant will receive a code provided for the specific project in which you are participating. Equally, your company or organisation may have an agreement with AU regarding the use of the DMAT. The DMAT can only be accessed by entering a valid access code.

If you wish to access the DMAT, please read the terms of use before requesting access credentials.

How to get your DMAT access credentials

In order to obtain your DMAT access credentials, find the relative person below that is associated with your affiliation with Aarhus University and The Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development.

Project participants

If you are a project participant but do not yet have a code or have lost your access code, please contact your project manager or project coordinator.  

Business councils

If you represent a business council, union, institution, or similar entity and wish to use the DMAT in your project and/or want to be able to offer the DMAT to your partners, please contact Annabeth Aagaard


If you are a researcher and wish to include DMAT in your research activities regarding digital maturity or wish to initiate a collaboration with BTECH, Aarhus University and The Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development, please contact Annabeth Aagaard. 


If you are a company and wish to have your digital maturity assessed by the DMAT, please contact Annabeth Aagaard  in order to become part of a project or establish an exclusive agreement for your organisation.  

If you wish to return to the previous site to learn more about the DMAT, please click here. 

Why we use access credentials

Access to the DMAT is restricted to ensure that the DMAT is not misused, as this can result in submission of second-hand and unsolicited responses, and thus, complicate our data validation process that ensures high data quality in our research.

The access codes are essential to make sure that respondents’ data is secure, and that the submission will only be handed over to the project officer or coordinator on the specific projects.

Note that we restrain from asking respondents to provide any information that enables identification. Therefore, we will not be able to support saving and delivering your personal assessment result and highly recommend that you download and save your results immediately as it appears after completing the assessment.