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This site provides you with knowledge, inspiration and tools on how to approach digital transformation and digitalisation of business models, and offers access to the Digital Maturity Assessment Tool, open projects and conferences that you and your company can participate in.

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Get insights into your company’s digital maturity and benchmark against the performance of the sector. Be inspired on how to improve your company’s key digital development areas and discover what next steps to take.


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This page is specifically designed to help private and public organisations to find and join open projects in order to promote cross-organisational collaboration, learning and knowledge sharing.

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Digital Maturity Assessment Tool

Measure the digital maturity of your business

The Digital Maturity Assessment Tool (DMAT) allows private and public companies to assess their digital maturity on a number of parameters. By answering the questions in the assessment, the tool will generate an overview of your company's digital maturity and a mini-report that guides you on how to further develop and improve the digital performance of your company.

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Understand the DNA of your digital business

The DMAT assesses digital maturity on 6 dimensions: Strategy, Culture, Organisation, Processes, Technology and, finally, Customers and Partners.

Your results will be benchmarked against the specific sector your company is part of and your working location (for example Denmark, Scandinavia or, if located outside Scandinavia, the specific continent).

Open Projects

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