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This site provides you with knowledge and inspiration on digitalisation and business model innovation through case studies, featured research, models and tools as well as our latest news.

Lecturer & Researcher

Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development specialises in bridging Engineering and Social perspectives in research collaborations.

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As a lecturer, you can get access to case studies and other teaching materials that may help your students with their studies and the subject understanding. As a researcher, you can find the most relevant research in your field.

Featured Research

Selected DBD research on Digital Business Development

  1. Aagaard, A. & Rezac, F. (2022). Governing the interplay of inter-organizational relationship mechanisms in open innovation projects across ecosystems. Industrial Marketing Management. 105, 131-146.
  2. Aagaard, A., Lüdeke-Freund, F., & Wells, P. (2021). Business Models for Sustainability Transitions. Palgrave Macmillan.
  3. Aagaard, A., Presser, M., Collins, T., Beliatis, M., Skou, A.K., Jakobsen, E.M. (2021). The Role of Digital Maturity Assessment in Technology Interventions with Industrial Internet Playground. Electronics, 10(10), 1134.
  4. Aagaard, A., & Nielsen, C. (2021). The Fifth Stage of Business Model Research: The Role of Business Models in Times of Uncertainty. Journal of Business Models, 9(1).
  5. Aagaard, A., Saari, U. A., & Mäkinen, S. J. (2021). Mapping the types of business experimentation in creating sustainable value: A case study of cleantech start-ups. Journal of Cleaner Production, 123182.
  6. Beliatis, M. J., Jensen, K., Ellegaard, L., Aagaard, A. & Presser, M. (2021). Next generation industrial IoT digitalization for traceability in metal manufacturing industry: A case study of industry 4.0Electronics (Switzerland), 10(5), 1-14.
  7. Aagaard, A. & Gassmann, O. (2020). Value co-creation across digital ecosystems: A multiple case study. Paper presented at Continuous Innovation Network Conference 2020, Milan, Italy.
  8. Miehe, L., Aagaard, A. & Ritala, P. (2020). Building co-alignment in innovation ecosystem governance: The emergent process of governance formation in nascent ecosystems. Research Policy.
  9. Aagaard, A. & Ritzén, S. (2020). The critical aspects of co‐creating and co‐capturing sustainable value in service business models. Creativity and Innovation Management, 29(2), 292-302.
  10. Acharya, K., Presser, M. & Campinoti, M. (2020). A Curated Chronology: Traits of Electrical Energy from Research-through-Design Practices. Paper presented at Design Research Society 2020, Brisbane, Australia.
  11. Rezac, F. (2020) Addressing Conceptual Randomness in IoT-Driven Business Ecosystem Research. Sensors, 20, 5842.
  12. Præstegaard, R. T., Wiencken, D. M., Collins, T., & Presser, M. (2019). EDUMONDO: Prototyping a learning analytics system. Paper presented at IEEE Global IoT Summit (GIoTS) 2019, Aarhus, Denmark.
  13. Aagaard, A., Presser, M., & Andersen, T. (2019). Applying IoT as a leverage for business model innovation and digital transformation. Paper presented at IEEE Global IoT Summit (GIoTS) 2019, Aarhus, Denmark.

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