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DMAT terms and conditions

Terms regarding your participation in the study. All data is stored securely with the standards set by the Danish Data Protection Agency.

Data protection

You give consent to participating in the study on the introductory page of the survey. This page is reached through the terms link given on the introductory page.

We collect normal personal information when consent is given and you participate in the survey. Specifically, we collect and process contact information. The contact information (email) serves as a personal identifier and is used to link a feedback mini-report to the respondent. The data is collected in order to construct aggregated profiles for research and academic publications. No analyses will target the individual level.

Your participation is voluntary and you may withdraw your consent at any time before participant information is anonymised/pseudonymised. Withdrawal of consent implies that survey data will be deleted. For further details on Aarhus University data protection, data security and confidentiality, see the Aarhus University Privacy Policy. You can contact Aarhus University’s data protection officer if, as a data subject, you have any questions concerning our processing of your personal data. The data protection officer can be contacted by email: dpo@au.dk

In order to withdraw your consent, please contact Centre Director Annabeth Aagaard at Aarhus University, Department of Business Development and Technology, Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development by email: aaa@btech.au.dk. Or by regular post contact Aarhus University Department of Business Development and Technology, Centre for Business Development, Birk Centerpark 15, 7400 Herning, att. Annabeth Aagaard.

All information gathered in the survey is stored securely in compliance with the standards set by the Danish Data Protection Agency. Data are handled confidentially during the collection, processing and analysis phases. No one outside Aarhus University will have access to the data. Personal data are kept until we have finalised our analyses, which will depend on the specific research project. Please contact us for further information in relation the specific project. After all analyses are completed, all data will be pseudonymised. Publications from the survey data will not include information that could identify individuals.

You can read more about your rights and opportunities to appeal on the Data Protection Agency’s website www.datatilsynet.dk, or fil an appeal to:

The Danish Data Protection Agency
Borgergade 28, 5th floor
DK 1300 København K
Tel no.: 3319 3200
Email: dt@datatilsynet.dk

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