NGI Architects Podcast: Quantum Secure Trust and Authentication

NGI Architects Podcast: Quantum Secure Trust and Authentication

Listen to European Open-Source Developers, Researchers, Internet and Privacy advocates, as they discuss the technologies and methods of a Human Internet, in this new podcast, that is dedicated to the European Next Generation Internet Program (NGI).

July 31, 2021

Podcast: Next Generation Internet (NGI) Architects

A new podcast is published that puts a spotlight on NGI Architects and digital business development.

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About the podcast

The podcast is dedicated to the European Next Generation Internet Program (NGI). The NGI Program works towards building a European initiative for a Human Internet that respects the fundamental values of privacy, participation and diversity. The Next Generation Internet offers new functionalities to support people’s needs and to address global sustainability challenges.

In the podcast, you can listen to experts discussing the emerging technologies and methods for building a Human Internet.

Hosts and guests of the podcast

Hosts on the podcast include three prominent ambassadors of the NGI community: Mirko Presser, Associate Professor & Researcher Aarhus University, Manuel Noya, Entrepreneur & CEO Linknovate, and Mirko Ross, IoT & Cybersecurity Thought Leader.

Guests on the podcast are European Open-Source Developers, Researchers, Internet and Privacy advocates. New subjects and expert guests will appear in each of the podcast episodes.

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Ep. 4 NGI Architects: Quantum Secure Trust and Authentication

Listen to Episode 4 of Season 1, by clicking here.

In this fourth episode we are talking about the how Quantum Computing capabilities will weaken the currently used RSA encryption methods and discuss the subject in the context of  the European Next Generation Internet (NGI) program.

The common and widely used RSA encryption method is the foundation of trust and authentication in many internet security application such as Kerberos and SSL. The TA4NGI project addresses the challenge by working on a proof of concept for Quantum Secure encryption for authentication.

In this Episode we talk with David Hubner and Peter Gietz who will enlighten us about the trust and security challenge for Quantum Secure encryption and the concept of the TA4NGI project.

Episode guests:

David Hubner, Solutions Engineer at DAASI International

Peter Gietz, Co-founder, Co-owner and CEO of DAASI International


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Release date: July 31, 2021

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