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In this section you will find selected, peer reviewed and high impact academic research publications on digital business development, digital transformation, IoT and data driven business models.

Reseach focus

Main research topics of the Centre addresses business model innovation and sustainability through cutting-edge digital technologies – emphasizing both the strategic, managerial, organisational and the technology aspects of digital and sustainable business development. To progress our research, we aim to collaborate cross sector and locally, nationally and internationally.

The methods of our research include case study research, participatory research, document study, observational studies, evidence-based business development and business experimentation through implementation and evaluation.

Our research is 80 pct. funded by Horizon2020 and national projects and rely on the primary KPI’s: high score teaching evaluations, well-managed projects with strong deliverables and dissemination, timely completion of high-quality PhD theses and article publication in highly recognized international journals and conferences.

Research sneak peek

Below, you can have a sneak peek into a selection of research conducted by members of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development:

If you want to access further selected, peer reviewed and high impact academic research publications on digital business development, you can see the full list of publications here.

Preferred scientific journals and conferences

At the Centre, we aim to publish research in the most prominent scientific journals within our research area. Our preferred scientific journals include Journal of Product Innovation Management, Research Policy, Long Range Planning, MIT Sloan Management, Journal of Management Decision, California Management Review, Creativity and Innovation Management, International Journal of Technology Management, IEEE Communications Magazine, Journal of Cleaner Production, Scandinavian Journal of Management and R&D Management.

Furthermore, we aim to participate in pioneering and educative scientific conferences within our research area. Our preferred scientific conferences include IEEE IoT WF Workshop on IoT Business Model Innovation, IEEE International Conference on Big Data, IEEE Global IoT Summit (on the BFI list), Academy of Management Annual Meetings Conference, CINet Continuous Innovation Network Conference, European Academy of Management Conference (on the BFI list), R&D Management Conference, IPDMC International Product Development Management Conference and ISPIM Innovation Conference.

Business Model Innovation

Below, a selection of peer reviewed and high impact academic research publications on digital business development, digital transformation, IoT and data driven business models is presented:

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